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Hi there. I am Armin Burgmeier, a 30-year old guy from Germany. I have some C/C++ programming and physics stuff here.

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  • Term compiler C API
  • Gobby collaborative editor
  • MD5 bruteforcer
  • Clonk Script Editor
  • Physics

    I was a PhD student at DESY, Hamburg working on High Energy Physics with the CMS experiment at the LHC. I was studying physics at the KIT (formerly University of Karlsruhe), Germany.


    Anfängerpraktikum 1

    During my third semester in 2007/08 I had to do lab courses (doing experiments, writing reports, etc), the so called "Anfängerpraktikum". These are my preparations and reports (which I made together with my colleague Kirstin Hübner). If you happen to study physics in Karlsruhe you might find them helpful for your own "Anfängerpraktikum". They are all in German, though.

    e/m Bestimmung praktikum1.pdf protokoll1.pdf
    Geometrische Optik praktikum2.pdf protokoll2.pdf
    Ferromagnetische Hysterese praktikum3.pdf protokoll3.pdf
    Oszilloskop praktikum4.pdf protokoll4.pdf
    Stromdurchflossene Leiter im Magnetfeld praktikum5.pdf protokoll5.pdf
    Elektrische Messverfahren praktikum6.pdf protokoll6.pdf
    Transistorgrundschaltungen praktikum7.pdf protokoll7.pdf
    Schaltlogik praktikum8.pdf This experiment only required a preparation
    Galvanometer praktikum9.pdf protokoll9.pdf
    Aeromechanik (2) praktikum10.pdf protokoll10.pdf

    The .tex files and other source files are laying around in the respective directories (such as university/praktikum1/1/prep for example), along with a convenient Makefile. You need to have LaTeX, gnuplot and pdfjoin installed to generate the PDF.


    In my third year (fifth and sixth semester) I took the advanced lab classes. My colleague was Robert Schittny this time. Again, here we have preparations and reports of the experiments we had to do. Everything is in German unless otherwise noted.

    Strukturbestimmung preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Spezifische Wärme (specific heat) preparation.pdf report.pdf (english)
    Rastertunnelmikroskop preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Magnetische Kernresonanz (NMR) preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Lumineszenz preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Gitterschwingungen preparation.pdf report.pdf correction.pdf
    Einstein-de-Haas-Effekt preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Halbleiterspektroskopie preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Mößbauereffekt preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Gammaspektroskopie preparation.pdf report.pdf
    Landéfaktor preparation.pdf report.pdf (english)


    In my seventh term I gave a seminar talk about Maximum Likelihood and Least Squares fitting. Both slides and handout are available in German.

    Diploma thesis

    My diploma thesis is available. It is about the Meta Monitoring tool The HappyFace Project and about estimation of Z boson background contribution for Higgs boson searches in the H → ττ channel at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

    Duke 2009

    In the summer of 2009, I received a short-term DAAD scholarship for going to Duke University for three months. I worked with the HEP neutrino group there. I was busy with two projects:

    My final report for the DAAD is also available (in German).

    Vancouver 2010

    I was at INPC 2010 in Vancouver, presenting a poster about the pointing by neutrino matter oscillation work I did at Duke the year before. It is available for download.

    GridKa school 2010

    At GridKa school 2010 I gave a talk about the HappyFace Project.

    PhD thesis 2014

    My PhD thesis about the coupling of the Higgs boson to τ leptons is available here.


    There are also some other sites I want to mention: